Concerns About Your Age Estimate
Please understand that PhotoAge is purely for entertainment purposes. If you are unhappy about your age estimate, please understand that Percipo's Perception Engine is imperfect and makes mistakes. We will continue to improve the accuracy of the system.

Additionally, consider that with age comes wisdom. All humans grow older as time passes. It cannot be avoided. Simply embracing age and remembering to stop and smell the roses will keep you young at heart, which is really most important.

Facebook Account Privacy
At Percipo, we take your privacy very seriously. When you log into your Facebook account through PhotoAge, your login and password is sent through a secure connection directly to the Facebook server. Percipo does not see or store this info. For more information, please see the "Terms" tab in the info screen of the application on your iPhone.

PhotoAge provides access to your friends Facebook photo albums, allowing you to browse, re-post and/or email their images with ratings. As a user of PhotoAge software, it is your responsibility to request permission to re-post or distribute via email any images that you may have access to through your Facebook account.

No photos are stored on Percipo servers. They are immediately removed after processing.

For further support, please email us at

Typically, more evenly lit faces will measure more consistently. Extremely shadowed faces may not always be detected since there isn't enough information for the Perception Engine. Experiment with different lighting in your photos to get different results.

The angle of your face in the photo may affect results. The Perception Engine best detects and measures faces that fall within approximately 20 degrees left or right, top or bottom from straight on and level. You may find interesting results based on the angle of your face. Try different but subtle angle adjustments and see what happens!

PhotoAge sends image data over the Internet for remote processing. The speed of your connection may affect the time it takes to process your results. While it is a very efficient process, you will get faster results on a Wi-Fi connection versus 3G or Edge.

Fine Print
Certain "doctored" photos, where the original face has been artificially stretched, bloated, pinched or otherwise deformed in an unnatural fashion, may trick the Perception Engine and result in a strange reading. You may also find age readings in funny places like felt puppets, pets, pumpkins, sock puppets and even wood grain patterns. It is rare, but happens occasionally, that a face is detected from a random pattern. Do not be alarmed. Simply ignore it or try a different photo.

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