Percipo powers applications for retail analytics, social media, and consumer apps.  

Retail Analytics

Off-line retailers spend all of their advertising dollars to lure customers into visiting their stores. Yet little is known about what customers do while on premises. Help your retail customers understand “what kind of people” visit their stores. They can adjust staffing schedules, store layouts, promotions and optimize their operations to serve their customers better and increase revenues per customer visit..

Digital Signage

Digital signage is the most poorly measured advertising medium. Collect relevant metrics on who your digital content reaches, and increase the value of your signage network to your advertisers.

Physical Security

Search multiple camera streams based on descriptive features, and narrow down your search to relevant video clips quickly during an investigation. Ask about our video based face recognition system to build the ultimate physical security product.

Consumer Apps

Should your app behave differently if it’s being used by a 16 year old female vs. a 70 year old male? Integrate machine intelligence into your photo and video apps and make them stand out from the crowd.

Need More Info?

We are continuously looking for new applications of our technology. Contact us if you have an idea or would like to use Percipo image description for your own application.

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