We are a team of engineers and technologists passionate about human computer interaction. Machine perception is positively shaping the role of computers in everyday life. Our mission is to help build machines that perceive the world like humans do.

Mehran Farimani, CEO

Mehran ran the Fiery business at EFI and helped make EFI a ubiquitous name in professional printing.  Fiery is the digital imaging engine behind every major copier OEM. Mehran received a BMath and M.ASc. in Systems Design Engineering from University of Waterloo.

Truxton Fulton, Engineering

Truxton was in the Ph.D. program at Johns Hopkins working on machine learning algorithms, and he has a BS in Computer Science from Caltech. He is a serial inventor and programmer of all things programmable.

Niklas Nordstrom, Engineering

Niklas has a Ph.D. in Computer Vision from UC Berkeley and a BS in Physics from University of Stockholm. He's a lecturer, math expert and inventor of several image processing algorithms.

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